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Short Stories:

‘The Joy in Wounding’, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, forthcoming.

‘She Falls’, Broad Knowledge: 35 Women Up To No Good ed. H.L. Nelson and Joanne Merriam, (Upper Rubber Boot, 2018)

A Fine Balance‘, PodCastle #517, (April 10th, 2018)

Gog and Magog‘, Kaleidotrope, Spring 2018

“When the Gates of Alexander were thrown open and the Wall at Darialani was smashed to pieces, it were not the Kypchaks what came through, nor the Kumans, the Turks nor even the Mongols. It were Gog and Magog come to crush the last kingdom of God.”

‘The Satyr of Brandenburg,’ The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, Mar/Apr 2018

“By the inebriated light of dawn, October the 23rd, 1700, a swarthy figure skulked in the rosebushes lining the Villa del Sulcis, outside the Sardinian town of Soleminis.”

Zilal and the Many-Folded Puzzle Ship,’ PodCastle #502, (December 26th 2017)

“When Zilal Saleebaan Kamal was six years old, she built her first ship in a bottle.”

‘Orang Tua Adventure Home Academy’, Sum of Us: Tales of the Bonded and Bound ed. Lucas Law & Susan Forest, (Laksa Media, 2017)

“Three of her cousins come out of the bush bearing an old woman on a makeshift litter.”

Sigrid Under the Mountain‘, (audio and text) PodCastle #468, (May 2nd 2017)

‘A Fine Balance’, The Year’s Best Science Fiction & Fantasy 2017 ed. Rich Horton, (Prime Books, 2017)

‘Eleusinian Mysteries’, You Are Here: Tales of Cartographic Wonders ed. N.E. White, (SFFWorld.com, 2016)

‘A Fine Balance’, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science FictionNov/Dec 2016

“My mistress, Shoanna Yildirim, was the greatest shot in the city.”

La Héron‘, (audio & text) PodCastle #431, August 30th 2016

‘La Clochemar’, Clockwork Canada ed. Dominik Parisien, (Exile Editions, 2016)

“Here is what happened on Suzette’s first run: The living map they called the lifeclock – manidoo-dibaigisswaii – woke her party up before dawn. Amidst the usual slow movements of the badges representing caribou, white- fish, rabbit, fisher, bear, lynx, and moose, the brightly beaded symbol of Mishiginebig, the Horned Serpent, had started to move.”

‘More Heat Than Light’, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, May/June 2016

“The British fell upon us on the return from Métabetchouan at the foaming crook of Chute-à-Caron, barely ten miles from Chicoutimi, and safety. We in Captain Gauthier’s troop knew all too well the dangers of gunfire on the frontier, but the newly landed English apparently did not and the skirmish soon attracted scavengers”

‘The Will of Parliament’,  The Sockdolager, Winter 2015

“By the request of the interim Queen, Lilium Leigh Regele, I declare the Fairy Parliament prorogued,” the Viceroy announced. “Parliament will resume at dusk on the next full moon. At that time we shall acknowledge the reign of the leader of whichever majority party has the confidence of Parliament.” Leigh raised her chin to avoid wincing or sighing. Mother Mongo’s topaz eyes glinted at her from the opposite end of the Chamber. “This legislative session is now terminated.”

‘Eleusinian Myseries’, Luna Station Quarterly #23, September 2015

“Her moon was almost done. Maghfira blew ruddy copper spirals off the newly-carved plate, examining the curves and grooves she had spent the last ten hours engraving. It was not the moon that hung over Amsterdam, but the other side.”

‘The Posthuman Condition’, Kaleidotrope Summer 2015 (Winner, 2015 Kaleidotrope Reader’s Poll)

Performative Transitions Into the Posthuman Condition, Jesse muses. An Exploration of Transitionary Exercises by Jesse Bauman.

‘Sigrid Under the Mountain’,  The Sockdolager Summer 2015

“After Esja produced sour milk three days in a row, Sigrid knew she had a problem. Leaving the pail of greenish milk next to her stool, she trudged off in the grey light of the early morning towards the barley field at the verge of the woods; the new field she had cleared only this spring. When your cow spoilt on the inside, she knew, that only meant one thing: mischief.”

‘La Héron, The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction‘ March/April 2015 (Nominee, 2016 Aurora Award for Best English Short Fiction, 2016 Sunburst Award – Short Story)

“In the greyest hour of the evening of April 16th, 1699, when the sun had just vanished behind the great chateau that embraced the city of Cain, but her lantern-bearers had not yet taken up the hooks of their trade, a gargantuan woman stooped to fit through the door of the Trois Tours Inn.”

‘Drink Down the Moon’, Chamber of Music ed. Charlotte Ashley (PSG Publishing, 2014)

When he first saw the man paused on a rocky outcropping, Maalik suspected he was one of his brothers.

‘The Adventures of Morley and Boots’, The After Action Report (Aug. 21st 2014).

“Mohr’lii leaned on the fence and sighed as he surveyed his herd…”

‘Aisthesis’, Fierce Family ed. Bart R. Lieb (Crossed Genres, 2014).

“The bass line rolled in on the last puff of stagnant breeze before the car came to a stop.Whum, bum, ba-dum; whum, bum, ba-dum…”

‘Lovers’ Fugue’, Library of Dreams ed. Charlotte Ashley (PSG Publishing, 2013)

“It had been twenty-two hours and six minutes since Evie Lancaster had gone off the Dimorphazine. So far, she hadn’t noticed anything different.”

‘Fold’,  Lucky or Unlucky? 13 Stories of Fate ed. N.E. White, (SFFWorld.com, 2013)

“There are only two settlements on Allie: the Snag, and Beauform. We had always known that if anyone escaped the Snag, they would make for Beauform. They had to. There was nowhere else to go.”

Interactive Fiction:

‘Utopia: An Interactive Crisis’ (Twine game) (October 2014)


Reviews: Clavis Aurea, Apex Magazine (Ongoing, March 13th 2014 – 2016)

Review: ‘Fractured: Tales from the Canadian Post-Apocalypse’ ed. Silvia Moreno-Garcia‘, The Quill & Quire (October 2014)

Review: ‘Circus by Claire Battershill‘, The Quill & Quire (May 2014)

“The Princess Problem” in Invisible: Personal Essays on Representation in SF/F ed. Jim C. Hines (April 2014)

Reviews: Clavis Aurea, ChiZine.com (December 26th 2013 – February 20th 2014)

The Princess Problem, guest blog at Jim C. Hines’ Blog (2014)

Discovering a New Fruit‘, guest blog at Not Far From the Tree (2011)

‘Hope for the Future’, Amphora #155 (June 2010)

Book Camp T.O. – A Report‘, The Bulletin of the Bibliographical Society of Canada (June 2010)

The Works (and Quirks) of Alexandre Dumas pere‘, Amphora # 152 (June 2009)

Misc Other Fiction:

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