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March 1, 2018

Meet ‘The Satyr of Brandenburg’

The cover of Fantasy and Science Fiction's March and April issue, featuring the story

It’s publication day!

My latest novelette, “The Satyr of Brandenburg,” is finally available for purchase! I sold this story back in April of 2017 after a harrowing revise & resubmit process (any writer will tell you that ALL revise and resubmit processes are harrowing; this was nothing worse.) I found out in September ’17 that my story would be the cover story, but it was not until last week that I finally saw the art!

This is my second story featuring the otherworldly duelist, La Héron, and I have by now a very clear idea of exactly what she looks like, how she smirks, how she stand when she’s ill at ease or laughing or drunk. Seeing her realized by an artist was a bit of a shock. She’s not what I imagined. But that’s the thing about story: it’s about what you imagine, not me. I am only here to guide the reader. This is someone’s La Héron.

Anyway, you can pick up the issue digitally or physically at:

Amazon UK
Weightless Books
Direct from F&SF

In Toronto, you can get copies at Presse Internationale!

If you missed the first adventure of La Héron, catching up is easy – It is published & available as a podcast at PodCastle!

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The author, with copies of Fantasy and Science Fiction magazine in hand

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