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May 8, 2014

Reviews May 8th 2014

My short story reviews are up at Apex Magazine. This week, some exploration of what really makes a “hopeless situation” and how a protagonist reacts. Read here!

4 thoughts on “Reviews May 8th 2014”

  1. Alys Arden says:

    I love reading your reviews. I swear they actually help me become a better reviewer <3

    1. Charlotte says:

      Thank you. 😀 I have a dream that some day everybody will do reviews like this and we can, like, have CONVERSATIONS about stories. *looks dreamy*

  2. “The idea that physical difference is abomination but moral wrongness is a challenge to overcome may not sit well with some readers.” — I’d be one of those challenged. But here’s the crux for me. The bad, ambitious type A personalities wrecking the Earth for their children (and not thinking about everyone else’s) need, in addition to moral maturity, the confidence other people will think of their children if they relinquish power for the greater good. I fear trust is as endangered as the planet’s ecology. Maybe it always has been. Science of ethics in non-kin groups (George Price) suggests what we actually, literally, really need to get our act together as a species is an alien invasion to unite against.

    1. Charlotte says:

      Agreed, Lynda! In the context of that story, I think this means that despite the character’s “change”, they are still representative of what destroyed the world. Years of isolation and toil haven’t taught him to think of others and work with anyone else: so perhaps the most “right” thing he did all story was off himself in the end!

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